How it Works

The cost of your Entry Ticket includes a souvenir glass, a wrist band, a Festival Programme and a Drinks Coupon with a £5 credit to buy drinks from the Bars (Alcoholic and Soft drinks).  Individual Tokens are shown on Drink Coupons marked in 25p token divisions.

The cost of Drinks is clearly marked against each drink at the Bars.

Differential pricing will apply this year. You will find the following Bars at the event:

  • A Real Ale Bar, featuring 38 Cask conditioned Beers (almost all the same price)
  • A Craft Beer Bar, featuring 8 Keg based Craft Beers (these vary in price)
  • A Lager Bar, featuring 2 Lagers (both at the same price)
  • A Cider Bar, featuring 16 Ciders (all at the same price)
  • A Prosecco Bar (prices by a standard 125ml glass or by the bottle)
  • A Soft Drinks Bar (all at £1 a half pint glass)

Further Drink Coupons can be purchased with cash, cards and contactless payment methods at the Tokens Desk.  Coupons cost £5 each and you can purchase as many as you need.  Coupons will be marked for either Friday or Saturday use.

Your  Wrist Band is proof that you have bought an Entry Ticket and will be checked at the Bars and when you buy additional Drinks Coupons at the Token Desk.

Please take care of your glass, it is yours to keep and if you wish to take home.  Otherwise, it would be helpful to us if you could please hand in your glass before you leave.  If you lose your glass, you may be charged for a replacement. 

We have over 3000 pints of Cask Conditioned Ales (including Kent Green Hop Ales), Craft Beers, and Lagers; over 500 pints of Cider; over 100 bottles of Prosecco; and soft drinks for non-drinkers for you to chose from. The Alcoholic Drinks are all listed with ABV’s in the centre of this programme.  Drink prices are shown at the Bars.

Order your chosen drink and hand over your Drinks Coupon at the bars and the appropriate drink cost will be marked off your Coupon and handed back to you.   It couldn’t be easier!

Further drinks coupons will be sold at at £5 or £10 value available to buy (cash, cards and contactless).

Each coupon has a feed back section on the rear, please fill this in to be entered in aDraw to win Entrance Tickets to next Year's Event.